Night Broken

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

The following will likely make more sense if you start with the book synopsis


It's always a relief when a book deep in a series lives up to the expectations you have.  Night Broken, the 8th volume about Mercy Hauptman (nee Thompson) was solid.  I liked Mercy's "half-brother," and the view we got of some of the minor members of the pack. I also liked how Ms. Briggs created an interesting villain, gradually revealed the stalker's complexities, and didn't feel the need to inflate the powers of the bad guy (as too often happens as a series progresses).


I was recently listening to an episode of RadioLab where they were talking about "index examples"  - the image that comes to mind as the ur-paradigm of a thing, whether it be an apple or a bug eyed monster. Patricia Briggs and stories about Mercy Thompson have become my index case for kick-ass, urban fantasy and how to have a sexy heroine but not veer over the line into paranormal romance, which is high praise from someone who doesn't typically like a lot of on-screen intercourse.


P.S.  I highly recommend reading this series and it's off-shoots in publication order.  So if you are new to Patricia Briggs, please take the time to hunt down the first books and start there.