Torn from Troy

Torn from Troy - Patrick Bowman, Gerard Doyle

When I abandoned the audiobook of Anne of Green Gables, I turned to another Audiobook SYNC selection from last summer.  Torn From Troy by Patrick Bowman is a retelling of The Odyssey from the perspective of a young Trojan slave, Alexi.  I was entertained by the clear retelling, but did find our young protagonist to be just a bit too fortunate, and Alexi's rise from new captive to a favored companion of Lopex (as Odysseus was nicknamed) just a bit too pat.  However, that complaint will likely be overlooked by younger readers.  I chuckled at the way Mr. Bowman built up to the punchline in the story of the cyclops, Polyphemius, and Noba Gee.


Torn From Troy should appeal to middle grade readers who are looking for something to pass the time while they wait for the next book from Rick Riordan or for youngsters who are not quite ready for the world of Camp Halfblood.