Dead in the Family

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris

I recently commented on Night Broken by Patricia Briggs and how it was nice when a book late in a series lived up to expectations. Unfortunately, Dead in the Family, the 10th installment in the Sookie Stackhouse soap opera definitely did not. Dead in the Family starts with an infodump to bring you back up to speed on previous events - which I needed as it's been a year since I "visited" Bon Temps, Louisiana  - but that also felt awkwardly and blatantly implemented. The middle section was a slog through vampire and other critter politics, followed by a bloodbath gory even for a vampire novel.  This book is so obviously filling time, laboriously advancing multiple plots and cuing things up for the run up to the series showdown.


I as I have done with many of the Charlaine Harris books, I listened to the audiobook, since I have loved how prolific audiobook narrator Johanna Parker brings the characters to life, and because the Sookie Stackhouse novels have been the sort of light entertainment that plays well while driving.  However being forced to keep the narrator's cadence, rather than being able to easily skim ahead may have contributed to the perception that the pacing was just off.   I will probably at least try the next book in the series, knowing that there are only 3 more (for a total of lucky 13) in the series.