Rabbit & Robot

Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover - Cece Bell

Rabbit is very excited. His friend Robot was coming to spend the night and, much like Toad of the classic “Frog and Toad” stories, Rabbit has made a list….from that opening, CeCe Bell has crafted and illustrated an entertaining chapter book for emerging readers about two unlikely friends Rabbit and Robot.


My husband is a bit of a storyteller and we have over the years told a number of social stories to our kids featuring the household collection of stuffed animals. One of the more frequently appearing characters is “Awk The Penguin” who is a penguin puppet that whenever anything goes wrong, panics, then runs around in circles screaming “Awk, Awk.” The first two chapters of Rabbit and Robot, feature Rabbit panicking, while Robot comes up with a logical and practical solution. After reading this book, we looked at each other and said “That could have been an Awk the Penguin Story”


While as an adult, I found the story a bit derivative, I can easily see how Rabbit and Robot would charm young lovers of Frog and Toad.