Oh Cress!

Cress - Marissa Meyer

It’s time for another happy SQUEE!! Followed by some pretty inarticulate musing on how much I loved the 3rd installment of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


I loved Cress!  I don’t wanna wait for Winter!  I guess I’ll have to content myself with the short stories linked on Marissa Meyer’s website and the upcoming release of Fairest in January 2015 instead.


Cress was better than the earlier two in the series and  is one of my few 5-star books for 2014.  I rated Cinder 4 star and Scarlet 3 star – which seems to parallel many of the reviews on GoodReads.  I don’t know how much of the difference between how much I liked this book compared to the previous two is Marissa Meyer’s maturation as a writer, my faulty memory, or a difference in the externals of my life influencing how I felt when I read the book. 


My only complaint about Cress is that the core cast of characters is getting too big, and the constant viewpoint shifts were a bit disconcerting.  Being lured to the satellite felt too much like the predictable horror plot (How could you be so stupid as to go there!) and I got really mad when Cinder and her cohorts were first separated, but was much happier once I realized where Cress and Thorne had landed.  Though I shall say no more for fear of spoilers


In Cinder, the fairytale trope was instantly recognizable.  In Scarlet, the parallels weren’t as strong and it took me most of the book to confirm that Scarlet and Wolf alluded to Little Red Riding Hood.  Cress returns to the stronger fairytale connections, with obvious Rapunzel themes running through the first part of the story.  Do we know what fairy tale is roughly inspiring Winter?  The early information about “Fairest” confirms a connection between Queen Levana and the Snow White tale.  There’s the key scene near the end of Cress with Princess Winter going on about “my favorite apple candy,” which is consistent with her drawing on from Snow White’s universe.   But with her name being Winter, and some of the descriptions of Luna there are just enough hints that I wonder if Princess Winter hearkens to The Snow Queen instead of Snow White or if the poisoned apple will bring in elements of Sleeping Beauty.


In the meantime, there’s another possible way to get a Lunar Chronicals fix.  I discovered from Marissa Meyer’s blog that a group is hosting a month of fanfiction and artwork dedicated to the romantic pairings in the Lunar Chronicals series.  You can find more information at  TLC Ship Weeks .   It’s wonderful when an author recognizes their fanbase and appreciates fanfic rather than excoriating it, as there can so easily be and so often is tension between an author and the folks creating fanfiction.