Why/How I became a book blogger

As we reach the end of 2014, I was inspired to revisit the question of why/how JL's Bibliomania came to be.


In some ways, why I came to be posting regularly on Booklikes is an accident, in others it’s a pretty typical story.  I’m a Bibliomaniac, mother to 2 Bibliophiles, wife of a book lover and daughter of a Bookaholic.  So you can say books are both in my genes and in my upbringing.  I knew I read a lot more than most, preferring books to most movies, TV or video games.


But I was never sure quite how much I read.  Until….


  • Partway through 2012 I discovered GoodReads! And decided to see if I could read 52 books in a bit less than 52 weeks.  I read 87!  When first on GoodReads, I also took the time to participate in several of the groups, especially the main SF-Fantasy one, but by the end of the year found that the groups were taking too much time I could be reading.


  • In 2013 I challenged myself to see if I could read 104 books, on average 2 a week. I didn’t quite make it – ending the year with 97 (though I eventually remembered 3 more that I hadn’t logged or that the read date hadn’t registered properly). But it was a push and I found myself reaching for picture books and shorter works to bulk up my numbers. Partway through the year, I switched more to reading other book bloggers than participating in the groups and discussions on GoodReads.


  • Also in 2013, in the wake of the GoodReads/Amazon sale and the review deletion controversy, I followed a number of folks to BookLikes. I originally saw it as a way to back-up the reviews I had already written. 


  • In 2014 I challenged myself to 78 books, or on average 1 ½ a week. I met that goal in early December.  I also had a change of heart partway through the year, and while I’ve not left GoodReads entirely, I now consider Booklikes my primary place to record what I have read. 


  • Just another statistic to put my bibliomania in perspective - Our local public library implemented a Reading History feature, which provides a list of all books checked out to a card. Over 3800 books or approximately 475 books/year have passed through my hands since 2006 – the majority of them books read to or by my voraciously reading sons.  And as a previous post mentioned, a large number of them returned unread.


I started writing book reactions (I don’t consider what I write reviews since I see no read to reiterate the synopsis that is easily available on GoodReads, BookLikes, Amazon or other online sources) to help me remember what I read.  I’ve made a conscious decision not to pursue Advance Review Copies (ARCs).  I don’t want deadlines on my leisure activity (I’ve got enough of them at work).  And also, I’m a fickle enough reader that I didn’t want to force a genre choice on my next book.  I’d rather continue as I’ve been doing, keeping a wide selection from my library available and continuing to document my meader through the written world here and elsewhere.


If you’ve stuck through these maunderings, I applaud you, and thank you for reading.