The Ratings Game

While I am being introspective on why/how I review – and being a bit of a numbers geek in my professional life, I thought I would take a look at the ratings I gave over the last few years.  My personal philosopy is:


  • 5 stars – This book is spectacular!!!  I want to close my door at work and sneak in extra reading time.  I can’t put it down to go to bed.  
  • 4 stars – I really liked this book!!  I don’ wanna go to bed.
  • 3 stars – I liked this book, but saw some flaws.
  • 2 stars – I really didn’t like this book much, but I finished reading.
  • 0 stars or 1 star – DNF or I had a serious moral problem with the book.


I am pretty arbitrary in the ratings I give, and am very aware that external factors including the number of books I’ve recently read in a genre, how recently I read the previous book in a series, how good was the book I just finished and a number of real-life interferences including just HOW little sleep I’ve had in the last few days strongly influence my review. 


That being said without being consciously aware of it, the distribution of ratings over the last few years has been remarkably consistent.  5 star (10 – 12%), 4 star (45 – 46%), 3 star (38 – 40%), 2 star (3-4%).  About 5% of the books I start, get thrown back into TBR the pile without a formal rating because they weren’t appealing to my current mood but I didn’t want to give them an official DNF.