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While my first love was SF, I read widely in YA, urban fantasy, police procedurals,  middle-grade, and non-fiction. 




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Rudyard Kipling, A.L. Rowse
The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World
Andrea Wulf
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Dies the Fire
S.M. Stirling
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2015 Goals

My reading goals for 2015 are relatively modest, which is fitting because I am working very hard on keeping my bibliomania a low-stress leisure activity in the midst of an overstuffed life:


  • Read at least 52 books. This is a no-brainer because if the stats for the last few years hold true, I seem to naturally average about 1 ½ books a week or approximately 80 books a year.


  • Post something original on my Booklikes page about once a week


  • Participate in at least one lower key Readathon (and maybe one of the <48 hour sprints)


  • Learn enough about CSS to get off the default Booklikes template


  • Get better at navigating Twitter so that I can better connect with other folks talking and blogging about books