Read-A-Thon Update 2

Etz Hayim-FL: Torah and Commentary - David L. Lieber, David Lieber, David L. Lieber

It's closing on 2 pm here and the start of Hour 7 of the Read-a-Thon 


Since I last updated, I took my sons to synagogue to hear Sasha Friedman talk about how Camp Szarvas in Hungary is helping Jewish youths in Central Europe gain a positive Jewish Identity. While there, I read the Prayer Book, read the translation of the weekly Torah reading in English (and an odd reading it was - all about how people with skin afflictions, nocturnal "emissions" and menstruating women are ritually unclean), participated in a discussion of the Torah reading, and listened to the inspiring stories from Sasha. I'm not going to count this towards my reading totals, because it's too hard to figure out page counts and time spent reading vs. singing or listening.


My younger son, who we describe as a bibiliophile, son of a bibliomaniac has spent approximately 2 - 3 hours reading since he work this morning and polished off the last 2/3 of By The Sword by Mercedes Lackey waiting for the adults to be ready and in between the interesting parts of the service.


I've spent a few minutes figuring out how to be a cheerleader  and now the wolves are calling.


Time spent reading since the last update:  ???

Pages read:  ???

Title: Siddur Sim Shalom and Eitz Hayyim Chumash

Author:  A Committee

Genre: Liturgical

Time spent cheering:  15

Sites visited: 4