Read-A-Thon Update 4

The 11th hour has passed - how are your bookish negotiations going.  Since last online, I have:


  • Listened to the short story Enginesong A Rondeau first published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies while taking a 2 mile walk with my husband.  I've wanted to share this story with him ever since I first listened to it a few months ago, and this seemed like a good chance.


  • Spent a few minutes reading outside in the sunshine, before deciding that it was unseasonably chilly and heading back to the couch


  • Finished Forever!!!


  • Eaten the delicious dinner of braised cabbage, chicken and rice so kindly cooked by my husband


  • Mistakenly deleted this post 3 times while discovering I don't know how to upload pictures to BookLikes and deciding that it wasn't worth the time to try a 4th


I'm planning to spend a few minutes visiting the GoodReads group and cheering on others blogs before settling down to my 2nd book. 


My 11 year old son settled down after dinner to try to devour the rest of Winds of Fate before his bedtime.


Totals at the top of Hour 12

Hours read total: about 3 1/2

Pages read total: 401

Other participants cheered for: 8