The Gorilla Doctors

Gorilla Doctors: Saving Endangered Great Apes (Scientists in the Field Series) - Pamela S. Turner

The Gorilla Doctors is yet another competent book from the Scientists in the Field series. The best part are the wonderful pictures of the Gorillas, the scientists studying them and the field veterinarians protecting them from human diseases.  The text is a bit dry and while it uses proper technical terms tends to over-explain them.  It is difficult to tell whether the target audience is middle-school students, or a bit younger.


While about the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda not the Bonobos of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Gorilla Doctors would potentially work in a non-fiction/fiction pairing with Endangered, since Bonobo Handshake is a bit too mature for the middle grade and younger high school readers that are Endangered's target audience.