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After participating in the local food movement by being a member of a CSA and frequenting the nearby farmer's market, I'm putting in a garden for the first time in years. It's just a small 2 x 9 foot raised bed, and some pots of herbs, but I'm very much looking forward to supplementing my CSA share with a few favorite and infrequently included items. 


Right now, I am planning to grow:



Sugar Snap Peas (though the shoots may well make it to table not the peas themselves)

Rainbow Chard

arugula mix




cherry and grape tomatoes


hot peppers

green beans

shell beans (haven't decided what flavor yet)




Brussels Sprouts

2nd sowing of spinach and chard


Herbs in pots

Rosemary, basil, thyme, marjoram, and chives are definite. The rest is TBD.


Now if it would just stop snowing so that I can finish building the bed and get those peas in!


(Edited the size of the bed, because I mis-measured/estimated how long we could make it and still have clearance to get to the telephone connection box)