Change Comes to Dinner

Change Comes to Dinner: How Vertical Farmers, Urban Growers, and Other Innovators Are Revolutionizing How America Eats - Katherine Gustafson

In Change Comes to Dinner, Katherine Gustafson presents a number of vignettes along the lines of I went to PLACE and visited with PERSON who is working on this interesting PROJECT related to local foodways.  The parts I read felt almost like a collection of newspaper columns rather than a coherent book.


Change Comes to Dinner followed me home along with the large batch of gardening books I picked up at the beginning of this season. When I did pick up Change Comes to Dinner, the individual chapters were interesting, but I wasn't compelled to return to the story and kept finding other things to read instead.  So it would be more accurate to say I read IN this book rather than I read this book before having to return it to the library.


I think there is a difference between a book that you have read in and may not of finished, compared to a book that you DNF.  What do you think?