Agent of Change

Agent of Change - Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Depending on how you count, Agent of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is either Book 1 or Book 9 of the sprawling Liaden Universe (now up to 18 books + multiple short stories).  I default to reading extended series in the order that they were published so that my reading experience evolves in parallel with the writer gaining experience.  My father has been raving about this universe for a while and I enjoyed Balance of Trade, which is one of the few in this universe available at my library.  So I picked up Agent of Change, which is available as a free ebook from a number of sources. 


Several true statements:


  • I enjoyed Agent of Change
  • It's been a while since I read an "out of one frying pan, into another fire" romp
  • The book has a lot more plot and action than character development
  • The writing had many rough edges and I'll be interested to see whether it smooths out after Ms. Lee and Mr. Miller get another book or two as writing partners.


I'll definitely be back to enjoy another fast-paced space opera in the near future.