#24in48 Wrap-up

Children of Earth and Sky - Guy Gavriel Kay

I had a good, productive weekend even though I didn't squeeze in as much #24in48 as I had hoped. 


I did finish Children of Earth and Sky (300 pages or so read, about 6 or 7 hours).   It was OK, but didn't have the magic of Tigana or The Lions of El Rassan.  


I started Words in the Dust (listened to about 2.5 hours), but it was surprisingly difficult to listen while carrying on with the rest of my weekend (I don't like headphones or ear-buds and the Kindle Fire was hard to hear over background noise).


So approximately 9 hours read/listened out of my target of 12.  2 batches of blueberry jam made, and life lived.  


Good night sweet Readathon.