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While my first love was SF, I read widely in YA, urban fantasy, police procedurals,  middle-grade, and non-fiction. 




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CSA Week 14

I've been too busy on Wednesdays to post about the CSA for a few weeks...but you haven't missed much because this week's box looks pretty much like the last couple.



‘Candy Sweet’ Onion

Anaheim Pepper 

Bull’s Horn Pepper

Bell Peppers

Serrano Peppers

Sicilian Eggplant

Jersey Tomatoes

Spaghetti Squash 



Yellow Peaches

White Grapes

Jersey ‘Gala’ apples

Couple of types of plums


I'm really hoping the eggplant are still good this weekend, when I will finally have time to make eggplant parmesan.