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Flipped for Murder

Flipped For Murder - Maddie Day, Edith Maxwell

Shortly after her mother's death, transplanted Californian Robbie Jordan sets up shop in the small Indiana town where her Mother grew up.  Part restaurant, part vintage cookware store, Pans'N'Pancakes places proprietress Robbie Jordan firmly in the tradition of other sleuthing shopkeepers and cooks after the mayor's disagreeable assistant turns up dead with one of Robbie's cheese biscuits in her mouth.


Sometimes you just want a cozy little murder mystery - and from that perspective debut novel Flipped for Murder dishes up the goods.  However, the recipe could use some refining.  While reiterating the information discovered is part of the formula of a cozy, Maddie Day did it frequently enough to be annoying.  I also thought Robbie was trying too hard to be appealing to everyone.  Not only does she cook and run a business, but she bicycles and extols the stress-reducing benefits of exercise, AND even though the adult entertainment stays off-screen her gaining the instant attentions of not one but two men strays just a bit too close to trying to create an superheroine for my taste.