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Soup Day??

Perhaps I got the date wrong, but I remember a call for today to be Soup Day at Booklikes.  So in honor of the gorgeous chard from the CSA and the fresh cranberry beans at the farm market, I made a big pot of Chard, Sausage and Bean Soup.  


CSA and Farm Market Ingredients:



Pantry Ingredients - including homemade veggie broth from the scraps of former soup making (plus olive oil, oregano and bay leaves that I forgot to put in the picture)


partially pre-cooked beans (they turned white after being fully cooked in the soup)



Just before adding the chard stems and broth



Finished soup that we served with penette noodles for dinner.




I don't cook exactly from a recipe, but if you need directions, http://www.thegardenofeating.org/2014/10/swiss-chard-white-bean-sausage-soup.html would be a good place to start.