Tongues of Serpents

Tongues of Serpents - Naomi Novik

I remember very much enjoying the first few books in Naomi Novick alternate Napoleonic/Age of Colonization where intelligent dragons have been put to service as weapons of war.  It's been quite a while since I've read any of Temeraire's romps.  I recently saw an announcement that the final volume of the series was just published, so I went back to where I left off, even though I've forgotten the details of the previous books.


I was disappointed by Tongues of Serpents.  Number 6 of 9 novels, Tongues of Serpents is a mediocre, middle of series, excuse for Temeraire, and his Captain and rider, Will Laurence to wander off into the Australian outback while attempting to avoid political quagmires.  I started by listening to the audiobook, but after disk 4 was scratched sufficiently to be unplayable, switched to the hardcover (both from the library).  The tortuously slow pace of the beginning of the book was perhaps magnified by the measured pace of the audiobook narration.  The last third picked up a bit, perhaps because it was the bit with what passed as a climax to the story, and perhaps because since I was reading, not listening, I was moving through the story faster.


I keep wavering between 2.5 and 3 stars, and eventually decided to give it 3 because I do intend to give book 7 in the series a try.