Draw the Line

Draw the Line - Laurent Linn, Laurent Linn

I'm conflicted about Draw The Line.  On the one hand the book is a gorgeous melding of graphic art and prose about a gay high school student expressing himself through original comics.  On the other hand, Draw the Line is yet another issue book where the central problem is a high school student being bullied for being gay/different and finding the courage to stand up to the bullies and to tell his parents about his sexual identity. 

(Props for Adrian's parent's being cool with it)

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On the plus side, Adrian and his friends read like High School students and are just adorably geeky.  On the negative side, the character grouping are just a bit too stereotypical (the plump, sassy African American female sidekick, the jock/football star bully/antagonist) and the story arc fell too often into cliches (such as the drag queen bingo at the LGBTQ center and 

the redeem the homophobic bully climax

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I spent a long time debating my rating, and in the end settled on 3.5 stars rather than 4 because while I very much enjoyed Draw the Line, I just wanted more sophistication out of the story. However, don't let the rating dissuade you from exploring illustrator and puppet designer Laurent Linn's debut attempt at young adult fiction.  Flaws and all, I think you will be glad you took the time.