Bookish Party Mini-challenge

Redburn/White-Jacket/Moby-Dick (Library of America #9) - Herman Melville, G. Thomas Melerlle, G. Thomas Tanselle The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

I was coming up dry, so I posed the Bookish Party Mini Challenge to my family at dinner.


My husband's idea was a Moby Dick Themed Party:



We would serve hardtack & bloody steaks

We would drink grog

We would play darts (with harpoons) and pin the harpoon on the whale

The guests would go home with a plushy white whale


My younger son's idea was a Hobbit Party


We would serve midnight bacon and tomatoes

We would drink beer

We would play riddle games

The guests would go home with a precious ring


Thanks for a wonderful topic of conversation for a bookish family.