3 Picture Books

I read 3 picture books during Dewey's Readathon last weekend, and only now do I have the time and energy to post about them.


Stick and Stone - Beth Ferry,Tom Lichtenheld 


Despite having the fewest words, the best of the picture books was Stick and Stone, which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between Stick and Stone. The spare text builds to a satisfying conclusion and I loved the illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld.  This book would have been on frequent rotation it it had been available when my sons were in pre-school.  Five stars.


Cows Can't Fly - David Milgrim 


Somehow, despite having a bovine-entranced son, we missed Cows Can't Fly, and I wish we had not.  One day, our young protagonist drew a picture of cows flying. Despite parental skepticism, magic happens when a breeze grabs his drawing. Four Stars. 


Jalapeno Bagels - Natasha Wing,Robert Casilla 


The weakest of the picture books was Jalapeno Bagels.  International day is coming. Pablo can't decide what to bring from his parent's bakery to represent his heritage.  The question is made more complicated because Mom is Mexican and Dad is Jewish.  I bet you can figure out from the title, what he chooses.  I liked Robert Casilla's illustrations, but despite being based on a real bakery and a real family, the text was just predictable and pedestrian. Three Stars.