Sleep With The Lights On

Sleep With the Lights On - Maggie Shayne

I’ve been known to like mysteries and police procedurals from time to time and definitely read quite a bit with a paranormal feel (what is Urban Fantasy after all).  I’ve also enjoyed Nevada Barr and Kathy Reichs, so I was intrigued by Sleep with the Lights On when it came across my feed. 


I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I didn’t like Sleep With the Lights On much…Perhaps it was just an uneven start with too long setting the groundwork, perhaps it was the level of suspense, perhaps it was just the phase of the moon and my mood.  I considered a DNF, took a long break partway through, and eventually decided I did want to find out how the book ended.   


While I can see how this book and author would appeal to others, I’m unlikely to read more in this series anytime soon.