The Bitten Word Pie Challenge

As you’ve probably figured out, I could easily have named my blog Food & Books rather than JL’s Bibliomania.  Two of my favorite food bloggers, Clay and Zach, recently announced that after 9 years of The Bitten Word they were planning to close the kitchen at the end of 2016. They also revealed that they had a number of events planned through the rest of 2016 before they mothballed the site. 


One of the fun aspects of The Bitten Word, is that from time to time, they held cook-along events.  I participated in several of the Cover-to-Cover Challenges and the Holiday Cookie Challenge.  I thought it might be fun to document my contribution to the Fakesgiving 2016 Pie Challenge here.


I’m typically not a big fan of coconut, so I was a bit dismayed when I saw that I had been matched to the Lime-Coconut Custard Pie from The Food Network Magazine.  But since I didn’t have any food allergies or intolerances that precluded my making what I was assigned, off I went.


I have an aversion to commercial pie crust, so at the cost of a picture-perfect pie, made my own crust following Kenji’s recipe



The ingredients for the pie were easy to locate in my suburban grocery store, though we could only find sweetened flaked coconut not shredded coconut.  The filling came together quickly, though I almost forgot to add the sugar because the recipe didn’t print properly. 



The final product looked gorgeous and tasted more of lime than coconut.  The lime custard was excellent.  But the coconut, at least the flaked coconut that we found, gave the filling an unpleasant chewy texture.   The unsweetened whipped cream was odd by itself, but very nice in a balanced bite with the sweet pie. While the final product was OK, I do not plan to make this recipe again.



On the other hand, the crust was one of the best I ever made.  I’m looking forward to baking up the other half, perhaps filled with the pumpkin chiffon filling that is our family standby.


While I may do something else later, until then I’m going to count this as a placeholder for Task the Third: The Holiday Party.