The Crystal Cave – Section 2: The Falcon

The Crystal Cave - Mary Stewart

The Crystal Cave Section 2 – The Falcon covers the adolescence of Myrddin Emrys.  His years from 12 to 18 were spent in Less Britain (aka Brittany) in the household of the exiled Ambrosius

who it is revealed is his father

(show spoiler)

This section is again mostly stage setting, though there are a few memorable visions, most notably the vision of Ambrosius slaying the white bull and those following the encounter with human sacrifice at the hands of arch-druid Belasius.  


 My reading experience improved after I summoned a copy of the book from the library with larger type than the paperback I started with. I can see how the allusions to pre-Christian religions would have titillated the teenage me during my first reading, but as a more mature reader I’m finding The Crystal Cave somehow flat.  Not sure how much of that is the book and how much is from my emotional state following the US election.  


My gut sense is that the original schedule would have had us finishing The Crystal Cave this week.  I’m unlikely to do so, as I’ve been alternating sections of The Crystal Cave with several other reads, but will keep going even if the buddy read has officially moved on to Volume 2.