Task the Fifth: The Kwanzaa



Task the Fifth: The Kwanzaa:

 - Read a book written by an African-American author or set in an African country.

- Make a small donation to a charitable organization that operates in Africa.


Over 10 years ago, the African division of the international company that I work for established a charity focused around the many orphans from the AIDS pandemic in Southern Africa.  (So I'm going to be a bit circumspect and not mention the name of the specific charity I chose to support).  


One of the things I like about this charity is that most of the money raised is funneled to existing NGOs to give them the capital to build and maintain sustainable, income-generating projects.  So on top of the traditional water-supply and school improvement projects, our money has built bakeries and greenhouses, barns and livestock corrals, as well as other projects to help the communities be self-sufficient.


The charity also runs an annual holiday appeal to provide holiday meals and holiday gifts to the students at the (generally Christian-based) schools and orphanages they support.  So while the students are unlikely to be celebrating Kwanzaa, in the spirit of the Fifth task I just donated to the holiday drive.