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While my first love was SF, I read widely in YA, urban fantasy, police procedurals,  middle-grade, and non-fiction. 




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Sworn to Raise

Sworn to Raise - Terah Edun

Mind candy can be tasty and it doesn’t have to be good to be the flavor that you’re looking for.


That can definitely be said of Sworn to Raise by Terah Edun, which I got as a free Kindle download. Skipping jerkily from well worn trope to well worn trope – orphaned protagonist discovered to have a rare and unique magical power, courtier training, riddle maze graduation ceremony, and a disguised prince  – Sworn to Raise is NOT good literature.  But it was a light read, encountered as I emerged from a reading slump, that I enjoyed far more than a 2-star rating might imply.