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Sunday Soup


My workplace holds a pot-luck Thanksgiving celebration the Thursday before the holiday.  My employer provides the turkey, ham and a vegetarian pasta dish and then we bring the rest of the sides.  Many of my co-workers like to cook, so most years someone brings home the uneaten turkey and partially stripped carcass and makes it into soup or pot pies (which then get brought back to the office to share).  


This year, I scored the turkey leftovers.  I was too busy to take care of them immediately, so put them in the freezer at work to hold.  This was the weekend to turn bones into soup.


Clockwise from the top

  • Turkey Broth - approximately 8 quarts, 2 of which are going into my freezer for later
  • Turkey Minestrone - 4 quarts broth to approximately 6 + quarts soup
  • White Chili with Hominy - 2 quarts broth to approximately 5 + quarts soup


We had the Minestrone for dinner tonight and it was yummy.