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Task Eighth: The Movie Ticket


Today I completed Task Eighth: The Movie Ticket by going to see Rogue One with my husband. (We actually went on a date because my sons decided that going to the theater was overwhelming and they would rather keep watching inane videos on You-tube instead).  


My husband asked that we see Rogue One in 3-D, so I finally got to my first 3-D movie. In general, I found it distracted from rather than enhanced the watching experience due to how much other than the central action of the scene was out of focus.  (I've had 2-D IMAX viewing experiences that made you feel more like you were embedded in the scene than this implementation of 3-D).


Rogue One was a great reworking of many of the Star Wars themes, and despite the heartbreaking ending, I much preferred it to The Force Awakens.  


It was even more emotionally draining, because I had not been online at all today prior to going to the movie, and heard about Carrie Fisher's death as we were walking out of the theater.