2017 Reading Goals

My reading goals for 2017 are:


  • Read at least 52 books


  • Participate in the Library Love Challenge co-hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and Bea’s Book Nook. Since 90%+ of my books come from the library, I will commit to becoming an Overdrive Junkie: read 36 books. Though I may well end up achieving Library Card on Fire: read 50+ books, I don’t want to commit to reviewing everything I read


  • Participate in at least 2 Readathons – with the goal of getting to 12 hours of reading during either Dewey’s Readathon or #24in48 at least once this year (This is the only stretch goal because clearing my schedule enough to get to 12 hours of reading during a Readathon has been very difficult to do so far).


  • I’ve fallen out of the habit of re-reading, so I challenge myself to reread at least 6 old favorites in 2017


I do better when my reading goals are clearly achievable and therefore low stress.  While I have averaged about 78 books per year (or a book and half a week) for the last few years, I’m setting my 2017 goals a bit lower because I am contemplating taking several classes that would eat into my reading time.  I also am consciously setting my reading goals lower so that I have more time to devote to civic action as the world changes around us.