Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was disappointed by Heir of Fire, #3 in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. The rest of this discussion includes minor spoilers for earlier books in the series. The beginning of the book skips around excessively as Ms. Maas sets up the three parallel story lines. The middle of the book is largely taken up by yet another training sequence as Caelaena/Aelin learns to master the magic of her elvish heritage (didn’t she spend most of book 1 training too?) while the Irontooth Witches train to become wyvern riders and warriors for the King of Adarlan periodically interspersed with scenes from Dorian, Chaol, and others plotting and agonizing in Adarlan are interspersed. The battle at the 85% mark that resolves Celaena’s story arc is well done and perhaps worth the wait. However, I did not like how the Dorian, Chaol storyline resolved. [spoiler]The King, who has been looming from off-camera during the entire book, finally makes an appearance and then everything goes sideways in Dorian & Chaol’s world? I didn’t notice the clues foreshadowing what happened in the meeting with the King and I really felt like Ms. Maas was willfully destroying what she had spent the entire book building to set up cliffhangers for the next book. [/spoiler] In many ways my favorite characters in Heir of Fire are Manon and the Blackbeak Witches. I will likely read the next in the series, if only to see where the wyverns and their riders go next, but don’t think catching up on the series will be a priority. I’d been choosing to not start the Court of Thorns and Roses until I caught up on all of the Throne of Glass books, despite much fangirl gushing by bloggers whose taste often reflects mine, but am thinking of changing my mind after the flaws of Heir of Fire.