Sunday Soup & Family Simchas

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted!  But I’ve been busy.   I’m out of my post-election reading slump and have polished off 15 books since January 1, thanks in part to some page-turning YA fantasy novels and a few re-reads.  But I haven’t really had the time or inclination to review much, since most of my energy was going towards final preparations for my son’s Bar Mitzvah.  (Here’s a couple of pictures from our dress rehearsal - that are posting sideways for some reason)








Well, last weekend, younger son made us very proud!  I loved working with him to get ready for the service, but HATED the preparations for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, the party afterwards came together at the end.  I didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy as hostess, but our family and friends enjoyed a low-key afternoon of board games and pizza facilitated by the owners of a local board-game store.  I can’t wait until we get the proofs from our photographer, because I didn’t take the time to snap pictures of my own.



In the tradition of Sunday Soup, I thought I’d leave you with a slightly blurry picture of my lunch for tomorrow: chili and biscuits. We’re trying to get our sons more comfortable in the kitchen, and younger son’s current project is learning to make biscuits.