Booklikes-opoly Roll #2 (& #3) - Updated with Selections

I finally finished Hidden Figures!!!  I'd started it shortly before Booklikes-opoly, but I was only about 50 pages into a 265 page book.  So my bank now stands at $23


DATE: April 27th

Bank Account: $23

Roll #: 2

Dice Roll: 4 (2+2, DOUBLES)

Lands on: Fantasy Land 9


   Jeweled Fire - Sharon Shinn  


I started Jeweled Fire by Sharon Shinn during my vacation, but set it aside in favor of Hidden Figures.  Jeweled Fire is first up on my Dewey's TBR, so I've decided to use it for this square as well. (403 pages per GoodReads)



DATE: April 27th

Bank Account: $23

Roll #: 3

Dice Roll: 3 

Lands on: Main Street 11 



   The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton  


My selection for Main Street 11 is The Outsiders by SE Hinton.  While not explicitly stated in the book, the story is set in 1965 and SE Hinton was born in 1948. I've never actually read The Outsiders or watched the movie, and my public library has the audiobook on CD.  At 5.5 hrs (equivalent to 192 pages), this should be relatively quick for an audiobook, though I do intend to claim the audiobook exemption and not wait to finish before I roll again.


I'm about to call it a night, so I'll pick books and update tomorrow.  I'd originally pushed to finish Hidden Figures tonight so that I could roll, pick my next audiobook (I've less than an hour left to go in On the Oceans of Eternity) and be eligible to roll again during Dewey's Readathon on Saturday.  Now I'll have to do some thinking about which square to choose for the audiobook  I'm looking for suggestions for an audiobook available through Hoopla or Overdrive set between 1945 and 1965?  My fallback is to count Salt to the Sea, which is set in December 1945 and to defer the audiobook selection to the next roll.