Dewey's Mid-Day Update


So it's partway through Hour 5 of the Readathon and time for an update


So far today I have:


Read for 2 hours 7 minutes (according to my timer).


Read about 145 pages of Jeweled Fire by Sharon Shinn, but found myself skimming ahead and missing details so I'm about to loop back to p 115 or so (and yes, I often do this when I read).


Spent about 45 minutes on Readathon related social media and challenges


Partially cooked a mess of dried beans

Got the pot of Three Bean Soup up to simmer


Ate lunch (tortilla with leftover 7-layer dip from a work function on Friday and some cooked kale with caramelized onions and beans leftover from Thursday's dinner).


Spent half an hour or so helping my son, husband, and other various things around the house.


I'm not enjoying Jeweled Fire as much as I thought I would - there's a scene early on where the empress's 3 nephews are introduced/described to Corene, our protagonist. The eldest is the smartest, but his flaw is that he uses a wheelchair after an accident left him partially paralyzed. The middle nephew is adequately smart, but his flaw in the eyes of his countrymen is that he is more interested in other men than in any prospective wife.  The youngest nephew is described as beautiful, popular, but stupid and headstrong.  The whole set-up is awkwardly handled and Ms. Shinn spends just a little too much time ham-handedly trying to show that Corene doesn't see disability or homosexuality as a barrier.  The story then moves on to much court intrigue, that I'm sure will eventually lead to exciting chaos.  Far from DNF, but at this point, 4 stars is likely the highest I'll go for this book.