More Pie

Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life - Kate McDermott, Andrew Scrivani

Younger son is not a big fan of most fruits, but he likes pumpkin pie and has been asking to make one for a while.  So over the Memorial Day weekend, younger son and I made up a full batch of butter:Crisco pie crust following The Art of Pie.  


On Saturday, we measured out the flour into a metal bowl and put it into the freezer while we went and caught up on overdue yard work.  During one of our breaks, we made up the crust and then refrigerated overnight.


Sunday, We followed the recipe for pumpkin pie (using condensed milk rather than the non-dairy variant). It definitely was far less labor intensive than the pumpkin chiffon pie that is my husband's default (no fussing with separating eggs and whipping egg whites).  The resulting pie was quite nice and not too dense, though I would add a bit more cinnamon and ginger the next time I make it.


Monday,I took the other half of the crust and turned it into an asparagus tomato quiche.  It looks pretty, and the crust was very nice, but the custard/filling didn't quite set. Either I goofed on the custard proportions, or the long delay between prepping the veggies and actually making quiche which allowed the filling to come all the way to room temperature affected it more than I expected.