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Roll #16


So I continue inching around the board and move to Fantasyland 6



With my focus this year on finishing some of the too many open series I have going, I'm going to return to author Daniel Silva and his long-running spy/thriller series featuring Gabriel Allon.  Based on my likely-to be incomplete records, I have previously read volumes 1-10, may have missed 11 & 12, and then have read 13-15.  Volume 17 in the series is expected to come out in mid-July.  


Portrait of a Spy - Daniel Silva  The Fallen Angel - Daniel Silva  Black Widow - Daniel Silva  


Volume 11 Portrait of a Spy is partially set in London.

Volume 12 The Fallen Angel is partially set in the Vatican, and the book synopsis mentions skiing and St. Moritz

Volume 16 The Black Widow starts with a bombing in Paris


I haven't quite decided which one I will read and what format I will choose. I'm about to need a new audiobook and have listened to most of the previous volumes so am leaning towards the audiobook, though a lot will depend on what is available when I go to the library tomorrow.