Ghost (Track) - Jason Reynolds

Ghost by Jason Reynolds is the first book in a planned middle grade series focusing on "a fast but fiery group of kids who have a shot at the Junior Olympics, but have a lot to prove first - to each other, and to themselves."  Castle Cranshaw  (aka Ghost) hails from the poor part of town and as we discover in the first chapter, his Dad is in jail for attempting to shoot his Mom. Ghost is nicely done, and I think would be compelling to a middle grader who liked realistic fiction or a young African-American who loved to run.  While this book is well reviewed by Teachers and Youth Librarians I respect, I found the story arc that little bit too predictable to an adult for me to rate it higher than 3.5 stars.


Volume 2 in the series, which focuses on a different member of the team, is expected out at the end of August


(Read outside of Booklikes-opoly because it was due back to the Library).