4th of July and BL-opoly Roll #17

I started the day sitting on Fantasyland 6, for which I'm listening to the audiobook of The Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva.  Also active is my Free Friday pick of Precursor by C.J Cherryh. 


Bank balance $72


I usually only have 1 audiobook, 1 print/ebook in a different genre and sometimes a non-fiction going at the same time, but I never know what I'm going to feel like reading next. As 90% or more of my books come from the library, there's also often a bit of lead time before what I choose comes in. In addition, I have some travel coming up in the next week or so.  So am taking advantage of the 4th of July extra roll and the audiobook exemption to build a short-list of books to choose from during my travels without having to buy vacation rolls.


4th of July Free Move


I moved 4 spaces around the board to 



Both of these selections may be a slight stretch for the Main Street squares, but I'm going to either read All American Boys - Brendan Kiely & Jason Reynolds or The People: No Different Flesh - Zenna Henderson.  


All American Boys - Brendan Kiely,Jason Reynolds  The People: No Different Flesh - Zenna Henderson  


It's unclear whether All American Boys, which follows two young men - one African American, one Caucasian - after an incident of racist police brutality is set in a small town or a small city. But it definitely occurs in the U.S.A and this is the Main Street Square that it is the best match for. The People: No Different Flesh are short stories about psychic humanoid aliens, refugees from the destruction of their home planet, who settle in a variety of small towns in the USA.  With their ability to lift and move themselves and inanimate objects and to speak mind-to-mind, the stories are at once small-town America, but not quite.   I read the first half of Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson, which corresponds to the material originally published as Pilgrimage: The Book of the People - Zenna Henderson in June as part of my personal re-read challenge and the Library Love Challenge.  So it would be great to finish the omnibus if I can get it back from the library in time.


Roll #17



  This Is Not a Game - Walter Jon Williams  


I almost wish I wasn't reading Daniel Silva already, as the Gabriel Allon books almost all involve overseas travel.  Instead, I've selected This Is Not a Game - Walter Jon Williams. My husband remembers the book as mostly taking place in LA, but the book opens with one of the 4 protagonists trapped in Jakarta, having missed her flight to Bali.  I may well look for something different for this square, as the dated tech in the first couple of pages is a bit off-putting.


Does anyone have a suggestion of what else to read instead?