Hour Twelve: Hit the Road

As usual, I keep messing up with the timer and forgetting to start/stop it.  So far today I've read in The Invention of Nature for about 45 minutes and listened to Dies the Fire for a bit over 2 hours.  And spent hours and hours surfing around looking at other people's Readathon related posts...


The Hour 12 Challenge: Hit the Road asks  1) which three audiobooks you’d recommend for a roadtrip and why, OR 2) if you could take a roadtrip to any three bookish locations, what would they be?


I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the car, both during long trips and just during normal commutes.  The three I would recommend would be:


  • Lord of The Rings read by Rob Inglis
  • The Raven Boys read by Will Patton
  • The Gabriel Allon series read by the grand-master of audiobook narrators George Guidall


In fact, pretty much any thriller or mystery is likely to read well (for instance the Anna Pigeon series read by Barbara Rosenblatt).  I do prefer when the sex of the narrator matches the sex of the main character. And there are female narrators that I like, but they just didn't come to mind first.


In terms of places to visit myself.  When I was younger, I very much wanted to visit Darkover and Pern.  These days, I wouldn't mind visiting Hogwarts, Middle Earth, or pretty much any Urban Fantasy world where magic really works for good, but I'd definitely like to come home again after my visit.