Booklikes-opoly Roll Final Tally

Since I got geeky and started a spreadsheet after The Big Shakeup 


Date Rolled

Date Finished Bank Balance Book Pages Square Comment
  April 15th $20 Opening Balance      
April 15th April 27th $23  Hidden Figures 214 Electric Company 5 214 of 265 pgs
April 27th April 29th $28  Jeweled Fire 403 Fantasyland 9  
April 29th May 11th $31  Salt to the Sea 378 New Orleans 21  
April 29th May 14th $36  Fast Women 451 Carsland 18  
April 29th May 19th $38  The Outsiders (audiobook) 192 Main Street 11  
April 29th May 27th $43  Goliath  543 Paradise Pier 28   
May 27th May 30th $46  Etched in Bone  297 Start/Free Choice 297 of 397 pgs
May 29th June 9th $47  The Devil and Daniel Webster  40 Main Street 13  
June 10th June 10th  -- Bailed out with 300 pgs from the Jail Bank & donated 49 pages back 49 JAIL  
June 12th June 14th $50  Save Me a Seat 240 Tomorrowland 34  
May 29th June 15th $53  206 Bones (audiobook) 308 Mystery 8  
June 12th June 19th $56  Midnight Blue Light Special 338 Railroad 29  
The Big Shakeup  
June 19th June 30th $62 Blue on Blue 342 Frontierland 2  
June 16th July 1st $72 Scorpio Races 404 Free Friday  
June 30th July 11th $82 Precursor 448 Free Friday  
July 4th July 14th $88 All American Boys 310 Main Street 10  
June 30th July 19th  $98 Fallen Angel (audiobook) 416 Fantasyland 6   
July 4th     This Is Not A Game (skipped)   Railroad 14 Skipped
July 14th July 20th $104 Ancillary Sword 356 Carsland 18  
July 14th July 27th $108 The Invention Of Nature (DNF) 109 Free Friday DNF
July 20th July 27th $110 Kim (DNF) 94 Adventureland 26 DNF
July 28th July 30th $114 Dies The Fire (audiobook) 187 Free Friday 431 of 1319 mins
July 27th July 31st $118 The Hanging Tree 130 Mystery 35 Ran out of time


(appologies for the hideous non-formatting) 


I'll revise this post later if I happen to get above 200 pages in The Hanging Tree tonight. More thoughts on the books I read and game may come next weekend.


Thanks again to Moonlight Reader and Obsidian Blue for dreaming this up and for moderating.