Halloween Bingo Card Preview

Preview of my Horror-wimp Bingo Card



Thank you Moonlight 


Now to pick what to read...


A few possibilities come to mind quickly


I'm thinking about joining the Classic Noir buddy read and counting it for the named square or the center 


I'll probably read the next volume in the CJ Cherryh Foreigner series for Aliens


I'm trying to read at least another few of the Incryptid series before Philcon and those definitely fit for Supernatural  and perhaps a few other squares


Vampires is likely to be Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris.  While I've not loved the last few volumes, with only 2 books left, I'm going to make an attempt to finish it.


I started White Trash Zombies once before, but just wasn't in the right mood.  


Unless I went entirely for short stories, there's no way that blacking out the card is feasible given my typically available reading time and book-finishing speed.  I'm planning to take some time over the weekend thinking through possibilities and plot out at least one complete set of 5, because a goal of 1 bingo is much less daunting.