Agonizing over choices - Help requested


I know that unless I went entirely with short stories, there's no way that black-out is even in reach.  So, at least to start, I'm concentrating on constructing a few 5-book sets so that I can eventually bingo.


One group of 5 that I am tempted by is:


Classic noir: The Thin Man group read

Aliens: Defender CJ Cherryh – next installment in a series re-read

RAVEN: Gulp The Flat Book Society group read (or a stray Urban Fantasy)

Country House Mystery: ????

In the dark, dark woods: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


I appreciate that MdB put together this Excellent List of possibilities for the Country House Square.  But I'm being overwhelmed by the choices.  I've never read much by the classic mystery authors like Christie or Heyer.  Nor even heard of several of the others. What would you recommend???