Halloween Bingo Dreams

I don’t normally remember my dreams.  But this morning the alarm woke me in the middle of a vivid one that is so obviously inspired by Halloween Bingo that I thought y'all might appreciate it.  I don’t typically write stories, so please excuse any flaws.


I was in the lab setting up the morning’s experiment.  The body on the gurney was the way it was supposed to be, thin and flat, almost like someone had screen printed the outline of a boy on an ironed cloth bag.


As occasionally happens, the body fabric rippled on its own.  Following protocol, I reached for the jar of milk and threw it at the face.  Lips moved, drinking, and the body started to re-inflate like a balloon.  “Tell Sarah we’ve got a live one” I called to my colleague next door.


The naked, pale boy rolled off the gurney and huddled next to the bookcase, staring hungrily at the spines.  “What do you want?” I asked. 


“Books!  Give me Books!” he replied.  I handed him several math textbooks from my desk. He opened them, flipped, and put them down again angrily.


“More Pictures” he demanded. So I handed him a copy of Waiting for Wings and he impatiently paged through it, tearing pages as they weakened from the dripping milk.


At that point, my alarm went off.  I woke before Sarah arrived to find out if he would sign the standard compact and promise to behave, or if she would have to destroy him.  It was unclear in the dream if the boy was a zombie, vampire, or other.  But also clear that bodies reanimating was a common enough occurrence that we had a protocol to follow.    And while I was a bit apprehensive, I wasn’t panicked by my nice experimental subject not staying put.