10th Anniversary Dewey's Update #1

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

It's the start of Hour 6 of the Readathon and how my Readathon is going is a matter of perspective.


One perspective is that I've only read for a little over an hour, finishing about 90 pages of The Girl with All the Gifts


The flip perspective is that I've read for an hour more than I'd get most busy Saturday mornings.  I've also:

  • Gone to Karate class
  • Watched my son during his sparring class
  • Cleaned up after Karate class
  • Made a salad and ate lunch
  • Played with the dog
  • Helped my older son with homework
  • Spent too much time enjoying other folk's Readathon updates



So I'm a bit behind where I'd hoped to be at this point, but well on my way to my personal goal of at least 1 book finished and 12-hours of reading or Readathon-related activities.