Dewey's Readathon Hour 8 Update - April 2020


So far today I have


  • Read 5 chapters in The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson (don’t know how many pages since I’m reading on a Kindle Fire) 
  • Snuggled with my reading companion
  • Had my Kindle run out of charge
  • Listened to the first 3 chapters of The Third Daughter - Talia Carner on Hoopla (don’t know how many pages since it’s an audiobook, but about an hour’s worth)
  • Run out to pick up washable face masks (while listening to said audiobook).
  • Participated in my online Karate class
  • Cleaned up from class
  • Ate a chicken sandwich for lunch
  • Realized it was too late to start split pea soup in the crock pot and just started it on the stove instead (while listening to more audiobook)


It’s nap time now.


Afterwards, I’ll probably listen to more of the audiobook while meeting my daily quota of grinding/farming in Empires and Puzzles