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The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome

The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome - Shonda Schilling;Curt Schilling As the mom of 2 young men with (admittedly mild) Aspergers, I've been running through the genre of memoirs of Aspergers and Autism families. I'm not much of a baseball fan, so I started reading before I realized who it was about.

Much of this book parallells our experience. Like the Shillings, we also went through the experience of having a really bright kid that we suspected "something" wasn't quite right, but it took until he hit the wall academically in 2nd grade before we went through the achingly long waiting list to get in to see the Developmental Pediatrician and found out that Aspergers would explain what we saw. It's very common, especially with kids who only have a toe or an foot onto the Autism spectrum to go through an extended time of mystery before you find the right doctor to help you put the pieces together.

I was refreshed by Shonda's view into her world, and amused by the stories of Aspie moments. She seems to be very lucky in her school district as well, and wonder how well they are faring with the strains on school district budgets. It's been a few years since this book came out and I would have liked an update on the books website to let us know how Grant and they are doing.