Mortal Engines - Philip Reeve

While older than the genre as a recognized subcategory, Mortal Engines has a steam-punk feel, with motor driven cities, combat zeppelins, and a fascination for things British. In this world, however, they have reverted to steam technology post-apocalypse rather than developing oddly accelerated technology against a backdrop of Victorian or Edwardian England.

I think I'm reading too many middle-grade and YA in a row, they are all starting to blur together, which detracted from my enjoyment of Mortal Engines. Or perhaps it's just novice author blues as this is Philip Reeve's first solo published book. The characters are drawn in broad strokes, the juvenile romances are just a little too trite, the villain a bit too predictable and while charmed by the world, the book never quite grabbed me. I left the story both faintly dissatisfied, and willing to give the next book in the series a try after a suitable interval.