Legacies (Corean Chronicles, Book 1) - L. E. Modesitt I was in the mood for some [a:L E Modesitt Jr.|6690731|L E Modesitt Jr.|/assets/nophoto/nophoto-U-50x66-251a730d696018971ef4a443cdeaae05.jpg], so I started the Corean Chronicles series. This book is formula fiction, but sometime what you want is to settle down to the story of a Talented young man (or woman) with a Destiny to fulfill.

It was a pleasant read, though full of the food tropes common to all books written by Modesitt (granted while there was egg toast to be had and meat in gravy, there was far less discussion of the cheese than sometimes).

I was a bit disturbed by the women as oppressors/evil overlord theme, but I guess it's time for some turnabout.