Tensleep - Sarah Andrews The stock advice to new writers is to write what you know. And oil field geologist, turned environmental remediation professional, turned author Sarah Andrews, did just that for her debut novel. The strength of Tensleep is that Sarah clearly knows the life she portrays of being a woman making her way in the dirty world of oil drilling, a world many of us only glimpse. The weakness of Tensleep, is that like many fledgling novelists, Sarah didn't quite strike the right balance between describing the detailia of life on a rig with the actions, motivations, feelings and personification of the characters. There were also a few plot holes, not too bad for a typically formulaic genre.

Tensleep was promising enough that I will put the next in the series [b:A Fall in Denver|768217|A Fall in Denver (Em Hansen Mystery, #2)|Sarah Andrews|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1315074723s/768217.jpg|754281]on my TBR list, but not so enthralling to catapult reading more in this series to the top of a very long list.