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Stormdancer  - Jay Kristoff Stormdancer is a credible first novel, but Mr. Kristoff's writing still has rough edges. While the main character was interesting, and the setting had potential, overall, the "you deserve to be overthrown if you are immoral and decadent while raping and pillaging the environment" message as an allegory to modern society was too heavy-handed. Perhaps I am at a disadvantage as this is only the 2nd "steam punk" book I've read, and therefore the use of Japanese themes and tropes didn't appear as much of a departure from the genre, as the cover blurbs make it seem. In general, the Japanese elements weren't nearly as skillfully done as other SF and Fantasy with an Asian mileau. In the end, I was faintly disappointed by Stormdancer, but am interested to see how Mr. Kristoff matures as a writer.